Proactively we can help:

  • assess product liability risks and create programs/procedures to address those risks
  • reduce exposure in contractual matters with recommendations for appropriate warranties, indemnities, insurance, warnings, labelling, product literature, disclaimers, and limitations of liabilities and remedies provisions
  • in due diligence in business acquisitions where there are potential product liabilities that need to be evaluated and addressed
  • develop product recall policies and procedures to comply with statutory requirements
  • assist with product regulatory compliance issues
  • develop proper record creation and management procedures, including programs to meet the challenges of electronic discovery

Recognizing that a product liability crisis can virtually arise instantly and, with media attention, has the ability to overwhelm the supplier, the ability must exist to simultaneously respond on numerous fronts including with respect public relations, government demands, and threatened litigation. We are able to quickly marshal the legal resources necessary to work with you to develop an effective product liability and risk management strategy. We can provide judgment as to which methodologies to employ, and how to best execute them to achieve the your goals - all in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our assistance can be customized to your particular needs which may include providing advice with respect both voluntary and mandated product recalls or defending against a product liability claim or class action.

Regardless of your requirements, we are able provide you with the legal support that you need. We are capable of quickly mobilizing an interdisciplinary team of superior legal talent spanning multiple disciplines and geographies in order to provide you with immediate expertise and resources required to manage any challenge that you face.