As patients become more knowledgeable about the options available to them in the health care system, and as physicians and others desire to deliver comprehensive and innovative care that cannot necessarily be provided in the publicly funded system, privately purchased health care (including diagnostics, preventative care, pain management and concierge medicine) and corporately-owned health care providers, are on the rise.

Our team of highly knowledgeable lawyers appreciates the complexities of venturing into this consumer-based area of medicine not just from a legal perspective but also from a political, practical and ethical perspective.

Our Clients

We act for publicly funded organizations, professional colleges, charities, private corporations and individuals that provide, fund, regulate or service the provision of health care delivery. Our clients include hospitals and health authorities, long-term care homes, health care professionals and their regulatory colleges, home care companies, family health teams, family health organizations, independent health facilities and private clinics, among others.

Our Expertise

We can advise you with respect to:

  • Fee structures
  • Corporate structures/entities and tax treatment
  • Product/service offering
  • Canada Health Act and prohibitions under provincial health insurance statutes
  • Conflict of interest and other professional conduct issues
  • Harmonized Sales Tax issues
  • Labour issues
  • Zoning and leasing
  • Concierge medicine
  • Contracts among physicians and clinics
  • Government consultation/approvals
  • Ethical practices/standards
  • Patient agreements
  • Insurance issues
  • Choice of law clauses for medical services provided to foreign residents
  • Privacy