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One of the firm's partners with a Doctor of law degree, Mathieu Gagné is specialized in drug and other health products (medical devices, cosmetics, natural health products, etc.) related laws.

He advises and represents various stakeholders in the health and life sciences sector.

Mathieu has a unique knowledge of the legal framework governing drugs and other health products, from their inception in the lab to their consumption. Well within his area of expertise are the various standards governing the pharmaceutical life cycle and requiring compliance by industry stakeholders, such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies, researchers, ethics committees, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies, health professionals, healthcare establishments, consumers and governments. His expertise also covers intellectual property and business law as well as litigation (product liability, class actions, etc.).

Mathieu has counselled many major international pharmaceutical companies on drug insurance plans, clinical trials, drug pricing, business practices, and other issues related to the approval, marketing, manufacturing and distribution of drugs in Canada. He has also counselled various pharmaceutical clients regarding negotiations with government authorities and the settlement of claims by alternative means to the judicial process. He has advised researchers and biotech companies on matters concerning clinical trials, pharmaceutical patents, financing and technology transfers.

Former associate professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal's management and technology department, Mathieu is actively involved in the global arena as a researcher part of an international drug research team. This team of researchers from different backgrounds (law, economics, marketing, etc.) analyzes different countries' drug legislation. He is also a member of the science committee of the international conference on the Pharmaceutical Life Cycle held in Montréal (2005 and 2007), Milan (2009) and Paris (2011). Furthermore, he works with the boards, advisory and ethics committees of various health sector companies and organizations.

Called to the Bar in 1997, Mathieu is a prolific author whose doctorate dissertation on drug regulation was described as "a major contribution to the advancement of law" and was awarded by the Association des professeurs de droit du Québec the title of "Best doctorate dissertation" (2005-2006). He has participated in editing collective works; he has written many articles for legal reviews, and he has published a 1500 page book titled Drug and Health Products Law in Canada, now considered to be an essential reference work in health law.


  • LL.M., Laval University, 2005
  • LLD, Laval University, 2005
  • LL.B., Laval University, 1996

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