As government demands more accountability from health care provider boards; as health care directors seek status as best in class; as the rules of procedural fairness and natural justice are applied to certain board decision making processes; as health care provider boards seek to improve their relationships with other boards and stakeholder, the challenges facing health care boards and their governance arrangements are mounting.

In addition to providing opinions, advice and documentation on governance matters we are regularly retained to conduct generative board discussions; conduct governance reviews; facilitate restructuring and strategic planning discussions; and provide orientation and continuing board education sessions.

We work with board chairs, secretaries, directors, committees and management on governance issues every day. We co-wrote the Advanced Governance materials for the Ontario Hospital Association and for five years co-facilitated the one or two day workshops attended by directors of hospitals, community care access centres, local health integration networks and others.

Our Clients

We act for publicly funded organizations, professional colleges, charities, private corporations and individuals that provide, fund, regulate or service the provision of health care delivery. Our clients include hospitals and health authorities, long-term care homes, health care professionals and their regulatory colleges, home care companies, family health teams, family health organizations, independent health facilities and private clinics, among others.

Our Expertise

We can advise you with respect to:

  • Letters patent and articles of incorporation
  • Administrative and professional (medical) by-laws
  • Board Charters
  • Continuance under other acts
  • Board self-assessment
  • Delegation of decision making
  • Amalgamations and restructuring
  • Fiduciary duties and conflicts of interest
  • Committee composition and terms of reference
  • Professional staff resource plans
  • Credentialing and privileging issues
  • Executive compensation
  • Directors and officers liability issues
  • Rules of order
  • Privacy