Fasken Martineau's Doing Business in Canada guides provide a concise and practical overview of the country's legal and regulatory environment. Our comprehensive guides highlight the crucial issues affecting US or foreign businesses considering Canada as part of their international strategy.

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Doing Business in Canada

Written by Fasken Martineau's internationally-recognized experts, our guide imparts timely information about all legal aspects of Canadian business operations. English and French versions are available.

Doing Business in Canada

Doing Business in Canada: An HR Perspective

This guide provides an overview of Canadian labour, employment and human rights law across Canada with particular attention to the provinces of Ontario, Québec, British Columbia and Alberta. This guide is available in English and French.

Doing Business in Canada: An HR Perspective

Doing Business in Québec

Québec offers many advantages to investors, including the fact that operating costs are low and the Québec government provides very attractive tax incentives. However, certain requirements must be met when doing business in Québec. Each section of this publication has been prepared by Fasken Martineau practitioners experienced in the area or areas of law covered by it. This guide is available in English and French.

Doing Business in Quebec

Doing Business in Canada: A Guide for Investors from the United Kingdom

This manual describes the general options available to a UK investor, particularly a UK corporation, looking to establish or acquire a business in Canada. The discussion includes the tax consequences under the federal Income Tax Act (ITA), the Canada/UK Tax Treaty (Treaty), and other federal and provincial taxation statutes. Immigration and corporate law issues are also addressed. This guide is only available in English.

Doing Business in Canada: UK Investors Guide