Fasken Martineau's firm-wide Real Estate Group possesses broad and wide ranging expertise in acting for railway, pipeline, telecommunications network and utility companies whose real estate assets are an essential component of their operations, which span thousands of kilometres across multiple jurisdictions.

Our practitioners provide comprehensive services to these industries through their knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework particular to these clients, their unique business and their real estate needs.

We have acted on extensive pipeline projects and wind farm developments, from inception to completion. Our professionals have been involved in assembling, acquiring and negotiating land rights through direct negotiations and expropriation processes, and are familiar with the contractual and regulatory documentation required to interact with landowners and regulatory bodies. We assist our clients in navigating regulatory approvals and requirements, and dealing with federal, provincial and municipal authorities.

Our Clients

We act for major real estate investors and developers; pension funds; financial institutions and lenders; real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate investment funds and institutional investors; private equity funds and sponsors; insurance companies; crown corporations and public and quasi-public entities; office and retail landlords; major tenants; builders, owners and managers of hospitality properties; and developers of commercial, multi-residential, mixed-use, industrial and office properties.

We are passionate about investing in the future. We encourage start-up companies, whether as owners, investors, operators or developers, and also work with existing blue chip investors and development companies.

Our Expertise

  • Linear properties
  • Servitudes and easements
  • Access and running rights agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Regulatory approvals and oversight
  • Expropriation
  • Project financing
  • Engineering, procurement and construction contracts
  • Pipelines
  • Railways
  • Wind farms
  • Land rights negotiation

Fasken Martineau's Real Estate Group expertise is complemented by the expertise provided by our environmental, Aboriginal and infrastructure groups.